100th post give-a-way!

Thank you all (mom, and like 3 of my friend...haha) for reading my blog. I try to make it a resource and not a word-vomit of my life...so thanks for inspiring me and getting inspired!

Now for the GIVE-A-WAY!

This is an adorable little etsy shop for all my fellow bakers out there!

Check out their SHOP and understand how hard my choice was in picking what to give-a-way!

But you will be getting...

Woodland Cookie Cutter Set (5)
woodland creature cookie cutters...hello!

Assorted Springtime Cupcake Liners (45)
Vintage inspired springtime cupcakes liners? Yes please!

Tiny Rainbow Circle Sprinkles Non Pereils   (4 ounces)
And of course my all time FAVORITE sprinkles!

So how do you win these fabulous baking accessories?!

Just leave me a comment about your worst baking disaster



  1. Hey Sav, I don't know about worst baking disaster, but my worst kitchen disaster would have to be when I blew up a Pyrex dish. I had turned on the stove to boil water, not thinking about which burner I turned on, about five minutes later we hear this explosion from the kitchen, my mom's pyrex dish was all over the kitchen and imbedded in the linoleum floor.

  2. I most recently disaster wasn't with baking but with cooking supper. I totally had a casserole all ready and after taking it out of the oven I set it on the stove which I thought was off but wasn't and the glass pyrex pan exploded all over the kitchen.....chipotle supplied supper for us that evening :)

  3. haha I just read the first comment and it's the same thing!

  4. I think my worst baking disaster would have to be, when I was making an easy "10-minute" fudge and forgot that the pound of sugar required was supposed to be powdered sugar. I ruined a whole batch, and wasted an entire pound of sugar. Ugh. Loves.

  5. I LOVE these...keep em' comin'! Marie and Julia you guys get major props...I would freak out if a pyrex dish exploded in my kitchen. Yikes! My kitchen is so tiny that it would send shards into my livingroom and probably bedroom if the door was open!

  6. Savannah,
    I personally don't bake often only because I am horrible at it. Nothing turns out the way it's supposed to be :( But I am truly inspired by your blog and read every one of your posts. I hope one day to be A's well educated in the kitchen A's you are. You are going to be a great wife!!!
    As for the worst baking disaster, I have a lot to choose from, but the least embarrassing and worst tasting one happened recently when I was making oatmeal chocolate chop cookies and substituted grits for oatmeal... I thought they were the same thing, sadly they're not.

  7. One time I cooked a whole batch of from-scratch cupcakes...with no flour! I wondered why they weren't rising and looked like such dour, hard little things :(

    Samantha :)

    mmmbrains (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. oh my goodness...i LOVE all those cute baking items :D

    Worst baking disaster. Hmmm...my first cake from scratch attempt! And it was for Chad's birthday. I had just really gotten into baking--mainly doing pies and cookies and stuff, but I wanted to try a cake from scratch.
    I picked a cake from a baking book called, "The Celebration Cake" which was specifically for a birthday! It was so pretty--a white cake with a lemon-raspberry filling and buttercream frosting, and then covered in shredded coconut. I didn't even think if Chad would like this type of cake (which, he didn't haha) but it was the hardest thing to make. I remember the cakes turning out okay, but making that pesky filling was a nightmare. It was so thin that when I spread it onto the cake, it just went ALL over the place :( And because of that, the frosting wouldn't stay on top of it--it just sort of mushed into the filling. I was so upset because I wanted it to be special for his bday. Sorry, this is so long...haha but that had to have been one of the worst because it practically ruined my day :(

  9. i just recently started baking {like, this year!} and have so far been very very lucky with how things turned out. so for easter dinner at my mum's i volunteered to bring a cake for dessert. i chose angel food with thick white icing and spring coloured jelly beans to decorate. i have no idea what happened but the cake ended up burnt on the bottom half and undercooked for the top. i told them next time i would bring a tray of pickles and olives!


  10. Well this is about my mom but its a pretty good story! She was baking a cheesecake in a springform pan and when she pulled it out of the oven somehow it popped open and the ring part fell down around her forearm! She didnt want to drop the cake and started running circles around the kitchen screaming and trying to figure out where she could set it down but ended up dropping it on the floor anyway! Poor mom! I was involved in this story in a first aid sense :)

  11. Sav-a-lav....I read your blog:) I would have to say any attempt at baking is a disaster for me, (you know that). With that said I will vote on all my baking attempts as my worst!

  12. I made a Martha Stewart lemon cake with homemade lemon curd and some sort of fancy frosting. It ended up tasting delicious but it was a nightmare to make. Tons of egg whites which took FOREVER to whip into stiff peaks, I seriously think it took entire day to bake this cake!

  13. i was making chocolate chip cookies once and only but 1/2 the amount of white sugar as well as adding a table-spoon on baking powder [instead of a teaspoon]...it was a rather off day for me. those poor cookies, not only did i waste all that wonderful butter but i really wanted a cookie. it was a bummer.

  14. Hm, I'd say mine was definitly the time the hand-held beaters sucked my hair up into them while making mashed potatoes. I was about 10, my mother got me started and left the room. I bent over to see into the bowl better and there went my hair. No joke it spun my hair all the way up to the root and pulled my entire face into hot steamy mashed potatoes. All I could do was scream for help and wait (my mother forgot to tell me how to turn the beaters off, although it wouldn't have helped much considering I couldn't see the buttons anyways). ;) I didn't use the beaters at all for the next couple years.

  15. that is TERRIBLE Mallorie!! OMG...I got my fingers stuck in an electric hand mixer one time...not fun!

    Seriously this is my favorite give-a-way topic so far! Love it!

  16. My friend and I decided to make sugar cookies shaped like bunnies and chicks for Easter. But seeing as I have no counter space in my apartment, I thought I could just buy the cookie dough from the store and then use cookie cutters. BIG MISTAKE. Apparently sugar cookie dough isn't always for shapes... These turned into giant messy blobs that couldn't even pass for Easter Eggs. :( It was a sad day.

  17. Would love the owl cutter for cookies for my daughter's "look whooo's 1" party!