Gardening and Smores

So this weekend was too busy to sit an blog, couple that with being sick today (Monday) I can only offer future features!

This weekend I bought some very essential items for my above ground garden, including seed packets and $1 garden shovel...woot, woot...

Also next weekend I will be hosting a one-day girls retreat for my church at my home. We will be lounging in the sun, picnicing, eating delicious Vietnamese food and making...

Homemade S'mores

it can and will be done.

Ummm, swoon. Those look delish!

Definitely looking forward to making both of these things, and using my new hand-built Firepit.

Needless to say this week is just begining and I am already looking forward to this weekend.


  1. i'm sad i'm missing girls day!! wish i could be there. eat a s'mores for me...homemade sound DELISH!!! :D

  2. whoa! These look unreal. PS: How did you make is so that your pinterest in on your blog?