A Real Woman: Lauren from Living Loved

I am so honored to have the lovely Lauren here with us today. She is awesome to say the least. She is from Australia. Which is awesome. She doesn't know it yet but I am going to visit her one day and we are going to laugh and craft and talk and have coffee. Ok...stalker status.

I am not a housewife. I am a single, twenty-one year old lover of Christ. I blog at Living Loved. When Savannah asked me to post for this project I thought it was an excellent idea! That's so much for having me Sav :) Photobucket The point of this post is simple, but incredibly powerful. Show Grace when blogging. There are many women, of many different faiths that have blogs. So how do we make our blogs reflect beliefs that are Christian? How do we allow readers to acknowledge what makes Christian women's blogs different? There is an anecdote that goes something along the line of this:
Years ago, a large international conference was held of religious leaders from around the world. In the midst of the conference, a debate began about what it was that set Christianity apart from other religions.
Some argued that it was God coming in the flesh that set Christianity apart from other religions. They decided that wasn’t it, because other religions claimed that their gods came in human form. Some argued that it was love, or sacrifice, or the resurrection, or one thing or another; each idea being shot down. Finally, C. S. Lewis, having arrived late, walked into the conference and asked what all the noise was about. When told they were discussing what it was that set Christianity apart from all other religions, he said, “That’s easy. It’s grace.”  source
Christianity is set apart because of Grace.
When I think about what I should or should not blog about... I remember that the most important thing is being real with readers and continually reminding them of God's grace as much as I need to remind myself sometimes.  That's why it's important to post about the messy, the sad, the frustrating.. because Grace has always  and will always cover us and spreading this message can change lives. Nothing we do will ever change how much our Lord loves us.  So when you've had a bad day and all you want to post about it 'today was rough' or 'today did not go how I planned' then post about it! AND declare His continued faithfulness, renewal and amazing grace, too. We need to be imperfect examples so that His perfection shines through.

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  1. I will honestly, cross my heart have you in my house if you decide to visit :) Thank you for having me! xoxo