I left my {heart} in San Francisco

We live fairly close to San Francisco, so we are fortunate enough to be able to go about every other month, sometime more, sometimes less.
Greg's friends live close to the City so we headed down there last night to catch up with them and go to a restaurant I have always wanted to go to
The Stinking Rose
Oh yeah baby all about garlic! I'm glad y'all can't smell my breath! 
It lingers. for a week. but it is so worth it!

My main {squeeze...and} adventure buddy!

Here we come!

Nothing like wearing my mocs to the city. So comfy!

The boys. Greg is not looking. Haha...what is he looking at?

Dinner...and no not at Chilis. The Stinking Rose. Garlicy heaven!

And drinks at the Comstock Saloon. A San Francisco favorite of ours.

Coffee with my favorite guy.

Illy Coffee and a chocolate chip cannoli. Does life get better? Oh, please the canoli did not last long enough for a picture!

Lovva the China Town. Especially at night. So beautiful.

Taffy tasting!

So basically I love going to and exploring the City! What are your favorite local adventures?!

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