DIY {sorta} freezer/fridge organizer

So this DIY is not really that cute, but it was NEEDED at our house!

I HATE wasting food. It makes me sick throwing away food that went bad because of neglect or half used freezer burned bags of smoothie fruit.

So I devised a system to let us know what we have in the freezer and (immediately perishables) fridge so we would waste less and not buy things we already have only to find it shoved to the back of the freezer trapped beneath the 10 lb bag of ice!

Here is the freezer before. Yikes.

 Here is the freezer door before. Double yikes!

I had this old cork/white board mixed in with my craft supplies and I know since I bought it at Target it would be too hard to take it apart and repurpose it. 

I was right. (disregard dirty door...)

I love my new organizer! It will help us waste less and know what we have when planning meals!

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