Confessions link-up party

Inspired by my Real Housewives Project I have decided to try and have a confessions linky party every Friday.

Called Confessions of a Housewife
 (or mom, or single lady, or cat lover, or whoever you are!)

It will be cathartic, it will be real, it will be genuine, and I want YOU to participate. It won't be a bash on the hubby and kids thing...but a comical look at the things we do in our everyday life that may or may not be shared at church/PTA meetings/with the in-laws, etc.

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My Confessions:

-I caught a glass tupperware piece with my foot this morning so it wouldn't fall onto the ground and shatter, in the process I broke my foot. (ok that is dramatic, but it is definitely BRUISED!)

- It is 11:34am...I am in yoga pants a a t-shirt, my in-laws are on there way here and my house is a disaster

-On Monday I ate 3 cupcake tops for breakfast

-I had a pervy patient this week who asked me if I would count his testicles. I did not.

-I slacked on dinners this week and packed my husband a jar of nutella and a bag of pretzels one day for lunch. 

Alright ladies...I think we all have funny confessions to share so link up!!

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