Emily from The Anderson Crew: a Real Housewife

Hello lovely readers! 
I am Emily, and I blog over at The Anderson Crew.  I am married to Mr. Anderson and together we have 6 beautiful and well behaved children. 
Ahem, yah right
We're being real today, I forgot.
My children ARE beautiful, and some days I could call them well behaved, but describing them as loud, hilarious, crazy and wild seems a better fit.
Being real in the blog department is not always easy. 
Some days, I open up my google reader and see that so-and-so has posted about how their children are awesome eaters and eat every vegetable and fruit put in front of them and then all I have is this:

My son, crying and whining over being forced to eat one single pea.
Wow, her child must be more awesome than mine.
And then so-and-so posts about how they took a trip to the beach with all their children and it was a glorious time and no sand was stuck in any crevices afterwards, and to top it all off, they got an awesome shot of the whole family together.  And all I have is this:

A totally fabulous shot of my 2 year old screaming because 1. he doesn't like the sand, and 2. he doesn't want his picture taken.
Then, you know who, goes on their yearly Disney trip and comes back with fabulous stories and pictures from their va-cay, including one amazing shot in front of the Princess castle.
And all I have is this:

My son, flashing the peace sign and grabbing his wenis in front of the castle.  Certainly a photo we won't ever forget.
You get where I'm going with this?
So-and-so and You Know Who are always going to have better photos and stories than you, if you choose to believe so.
And that just might be their real life, but I'm not gonna let that get to me.  I want to always remember when Kohen was so afraid of the sand that he screamed.  I want to remember Milo being forced to eat a single pea, and I'll never forget the most amazing photo of him in front of the Princess castle.
I love my real life.
I love that my kitchen sink almost ALWAYS looks like this:

It's not worthy of a magazine cover, but it shows life.  Our life.
And yes, real life for us means movie days:

And wrestling on Mommy and Daddy's bed:

But I wouldn't have it any other way.
We have to stop comparing ourselves to everyone.
Our blogs are a tiny snippet of our life.  Some of us choose to put the not-so-pretty photos and stories on there and others don't.
As long as we continue to blog what's on our hearts, I think we won't have any problem being real.
You never know how the Lord will use you and your story, to touch another persons life.
Be real ladies, be real.

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