Year in Review...a little late

So much happened this year. And that is an understatement!

The pictures are a little hard to see...but SO much happened that I had to try and fit them all in!!

2011 was a great year. A truly GREAT year. The best of my entire life so far!

Let's begin at the beginning shall we...

We love her to bits and pieces...can you tell?

Many friends got engaged, many friends got married, and many friends had babies.

My most favorite day of all! 

Had some fun vacations this year! SoCal, Philadelphia, Portland, Disneyland, Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, San Diego. We were very blessed in 2011! 

And to top it all off I started nursing school too.

Well it sure has been an amazing, incredible, whirlwind of a year...and I wouldn't have traded a single second!! Here is to a new year, that probably will not top this one...but I hope it come to a close second!

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