Erasable Menu DIY

So I have begun to share my weekly menus with you all...
1. to keep myself accountable to do it and
2. to inspire you all to do the same!

It really does save so much work and stress!!
And if you have kids, let them pick a meal one night and write it in..it will be fun for them to be involved and have them help cook too or take a load off and them cook it all (if they are old enough).

So here is my version of the erasable weekly menu, inspired by the lovely Pinterest.

1. A large frame, with glass
2. Scissors
3. Tape
4. Markers or pens
5. A large white poster board (not pictured)
6. fun stencils!

I tried tons of different things like putting mismatched craft paper, or cut up Trader Joe bags behind my glass in the frame, and just didn't end up liking any of it. So I went to Target and bought one of those like science fair poster board and cut it to the right size. A nice clean, white slate.

I measure the white poster board to the same length and width as the back panel of the frame, cut it out and taped it to the back. I then added some food themed stencils to my white paper 

Then out of craft paper I made day of the week circles, and taped them onto the white poster board (now attached to the inside panel of the frame)

I wrote 'MENU' in large letters on the white poster board, and then assembled the frame and secured the glass on top.

Crappy close-up. : )

I bought a dry erase pen from Target and can now write the menu next to the day of the week circles, and can record on top the week I am cooking for...then erase it all at the end of the week and start over!

It's super easy, and it has made my hectic school filled life soo much better! : )

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