DIY Shelf from a pallet

I have 5 pallets sitting in my backyard. Five.
I keep telling Greg my grand plans about using them to make shelves, and outdoor seating, and beds.

And I think he is beginning to lose hope that I will ever do anything with them, and I am afraid he won't bring them home anymore when he finds them on the side of the road.

So this lack of faith and fear of no more stray pallets coming home to me prompted me to get my booty in gear and actually accomplish one of my pallet goals!

Library book return shelf! : ) Never pay a late fee again...

I sawed straight across the pallet until I had a sort of shelf, and then I cut it down to the size I wanted it. Use power tools if you have them. Mine were super ghetto and now my muscles are sore.

My crude looking shelf...not done yet!
I thought I had taken a picture of it, but I guess I didn't...I also sawed off a straight, thin piece of the pallet to nail to the bottom of my shelf to hold everything in!

Greg and I have been using the library more often so I thought I would make a little library book return shelf, so we don't lose anything and we remember to take them back!

I didn't put the paint on super thick, I wanted to more rustic, worn look.

Right under "don't forget!" I added a small chalkboard sticker so we can write when the books are due back! Now I just need to buy some chalk...

Now I am just waiting for my handyhusband to hang it up! It is a bit heavy so I think I need him to bust out the stud finder! 

It's a bit ghetto and wonky...but I love it! And I showed my darling husband that he can still bring home any and all pallets he finds...ok dear?!