An update and a Pinterest DIY

Learn how to make this skirt after an update:

As always this last month has been a whirl wind! The end of my quarter for nursing school is coming up so I have been crazy busy with exams, practical tests, and patient care. 


You might remember my 2 preggo bridesmaids from OUR WEDDING a couple months ago, and they both gave birth this month...I have been a blessed and happy pseudo-auntie!

 {Charlie Sue}

{Hannah Louise}
Her momma blogs over HERE so check her out!

Needless to say I have been 
For about the last two weeks. : )

I also have been painting, rearranging, crafting, and decorating our little home these last few weeks...with a few DIY projects thrown in from PINTEREST.

So here is my Men's Button up shirt skirt tutorial.
It's amateur at best, so hang with me!

 So lucky for me my husband was getting rid of clothes this weekend. 
I have been dying to try the men's button up turned skirt DIY, so this was perfect!

So cut right underneath the armpit from one side to the other

Now I didn't dare document this part because my sewing machine is a beast (see last post) and I am praying Baby Jesus sends me one for Christmas...but the "skirt" will be way to big. So there are a couple options:

cut it along the back lengthwise, pin it and sew it to a proper fit, take it in on either side, or sew a border on the upper edge and add a drawstring. 

Final product...I was pleased!

There are a lot of buttons going on in this outfit...and for this I apologize. : )

Anyway this was super simple and fun!

What Pinterest crafts have you done or are dying to try? Link them up in your comments!

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