DIY Stag Canvas

So you may have seen this over on one of my besties blog Ballpoint + Pen this DIY, but I loved it so much I had to make one of my own!

{DIY Stag Canvas Art}

I love my little stag!

First of all you can find the template HERE.

1. Blank canvas
2. Scrapook paper
3. Stag Template
4. Scissors
5. Paint/Paintbrush

Glue scrapbook paper to canvas. I was lucky and the scrapbook paper was exactly the same size as the canvas. Lucky me! 

There are many ways to transfer the image to the canvas. I chose to cut it out, stencil, and paint because I like mixing medias and textures and not just using all flat paper.

Trace the image onto your canvas.

Paint the  traced image, hang up, and enjoy!

It is now hanging in our bedroom...I am so in love with it!
So simple, you could always add words as well.

In other news...look what Greg and I snapped for Friggity-Free from our church last Sunday.


  1. Yes I did! : ) We don't really know where to put it...but we are figuring that out.