My sewing disaster.

So a couple weeks ago was my friend's birthday.
I know she is the kind of gal that would appreciate a handmade gift...so I decided to make her a tote bag.

Everything was going find. The fabric was cut, the design was dreamed up in my head and the first row of stiches were beautiful and straight.

Then the bobbin went crazy. The string from up top wrapped around the bobbin like 30 time and I had a huge cluster of thread and an unfinished tote bag.

 See how innocently it started out?!

The culprit.

This was another disaster...realizing I had pale pink thread on top and bright red thread on bottom.

The fury.

I quit.

I would LOVE to hear about a crafting fail you had...
It will make me feel better.


  1. I decided to make my own homecoming dress one year in high school. I bought the pattern, about $60 worth of fabric. Cut out the pieces, started sewing, and then I read that they wanted me to sew in a lining to the dress. That was too much, I bit off more than I could chew and threw it all away. I think I borrowed somebody's dress that year.

  2. My first dress I ever made @ Singer Sewing School summer class was cut out wrong. I cut the front of the dress up the middle and it was a chemise style dress. Well, the teacher helped me get it right by the end. hahahaha