Must try photo apps + Tutorial

So I know not everyone owns an iphone, but I think most phones these days have apps you can buy...well here are some of my favs!


Instagram would of course be my top pick. It takes all your photos and gives them that vintage look, and so many diferent styles. Make iphonography interesting and fun!


My newest FAV app is Phonto. One of my besties, Ali from Ballpoint + Pen was over the other day and showed me it's wonders! 
It allows you to add captions to your photos and links up with instagram and your iphone photo library so there is pretty much seamless transition between picking, tweaking, vintage-ing and posting pics. LOVE IT!

This may be my all time favorite picture of my husband. God, may I please please pop out babies this adorable and chubby? Amen.

This is my absolute favorite picture I have made with Phonto. From our Honeymoon!

{Pic Stitch}

This app is also a new favorite! Collages galore! And you know I love myself a good collage!




Mr. Horton

Ok, folks and here is the coolest part about all these picture apps!

They all interact with each other seamlessly!

{Instagram-Phonto-Pic Stich Tutorial}

Step 1: Take your pictures in Instagram. I chose the black and white setting, which actually is not normal for me. But I thought it would look cool for this project.

                Step 2: Next Open your pictures in Phonto one by one, and add the words you want to them.

Step 3: Choose a template on pic stitch and add in your Phonto pics. So fun!

All the pictures you take for each of these apps can be saved to you photo library, so you never lose the original or any of your steps, unless you choose to delete them yourself!

What are your favorite iphone/android apps that I should know about??


  1. I am also obsessed with iphone photoing. But didn't know about Phonto! ... So going to download now!

  2. Good! It will change your life. : ) Or at least one more distraction to it.