Clean out the fridge week! Egg scramble.

To say the least my life is CRAZY right now! Summer is in full swing around here and for people working at a summer camp...you know what I mean! Wedding planning in coming down to the wire and I am preparing for nursing school starting August 15th. Whew!

So needless to say grocery shopping has not been a top priority, but Greg came over for breakfast the other morning and I was determined to make him a delicious breakfast using only what I had in the cupboards!

So here was my creation:

Everything in the cupboard Eggs
Simple Bisquick Pancake
with apple butter. yum yum.

Grab whatever you have in your fridge leftovers, veggies, eggs, etc
I had:
4 eggs
1/2 white onion
tomatoes on their last leg
Feta cheese
 (which I did not end up using, I found a block of sharp cheddar instad!)

Crack eggs into large bowl, as you will be scrambling them all together before cooking!

Make your egg "base" whisk your eggs, add milk, and spices like you were making plain scrambled eggs

Chop all your veggies and grate your cheese

Put everything into the egg base except the chesse and whisk again

Scramble that scramble! Use a spatula to scrape off the sides and to keep eggs moving around. There is nothing worse than a burnt egg smellin' up your kitchen!!

When the egs are almost done sprinkle in the cheese to melt...yum!

Make pancakes as directed on back (or side rather) or bisquick box...I am quite the chef I know...
add chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, bananas, blueberries...you name it!

Serve with Apple Butter, Syrup, or whatever you have around the house. I scored and found an avocado in the fridge at the last minute so I cut that up and put it on top.

Brew a little coffee to go with your homemade, delicious breakfast and you might just have a date right there in your own little dining room!

I made all of this from ingredients I had in the cupboards after swearing "There is NOTHING to make for breakfast"

I find that when I get creative I am a lot thriftier and throw out less food.

Tomorrow I have a FABULOUS recipe for you for:

French Macaroons
also made from the contents of my cupboards.

Enjoy my lovelies!


  1. the pasta sauce or omelettes before a proper grocery run usually turn out the best! what a great feeling knowing you have been the opposite of wasteful.