Brown bag wrapping paper DIY

I love giving gifts. It is one of my favorite things to do. Searching for that perfect thing to get someone, or making something for them that you know they will love.

Well I pretty much spend so much time pouring over the actual gift that the wrapping of said gift becomes an after thought. I frantically run around before heading out the door to that birthday party/wedding/baby shower/etc. trying to find a useable bag or pack of tissue paper to stuff it into.

That is exactly how this DIY was born!

I was off to my lovely little friend Amber's baby shower when in horror I realized I spent the entire day making Vintage fabric teething rings, and no time getting something to wrap it in.

This is what I came up with. I was pleased!

  1. Brown paper bag
  2. Stamp of your choice
  3. inkpad
  4. scissors
  5. Twine

Cut one side of the brown paper bag and some of the bottom until it opens up flat. If you want the more smoothed look, stick it under your mattress or on the table with a couple books on top overnight.

I didn't have time for that.

Pick a stamp. Mine was a Poppy Flower stamp, which apparently is determined to be photgraphed upside down. Sorry about that...you get the gist.

Stamp the plain side (duh!) of the brown paper bag with a repeating pattern.
VIOLA. Beautiful and handmade wrapping paper.

I didn't have time (imagine that!) to take pictures of the final products before flying out the door for the baby shower. But the end result was so pretty! I used the twine to tie the little packages and give it a little more "loved" look. Anyone can pick up a gift bag at target and toss their stuff in, but this was simple and cheap!


  1. this is super super dee duper cute! i love that it's also very green.


  2. my mom used to do this with us, i always thought it was so fun!

    *that poppy stamp is a GEM!