{My week in Pictures}

Baking up a storm. We were headed out on vacation with way too much produce in our fridge, so I got to work baking, cooking and freezing. I made 2 loaves of chocolate chip pumpkin bread (made from my fresh pumpkin puree), a jar of pasta sauce, baked potato chips, chocolate covered raisins (not a produce, but a yummy roadtrip snack!), broccoli cheddar soup, and a huge giant mess!!

Girls night out...Sol Food Puerto Rican cuisine, and Lykke Li!

Sol Food in San Rafael...check it out! Mango limeade ice tea. To die for. Fried Plantains, rice, roasted chicken and salad with a lemon vinaigrette glaze. Swoon.

 The Fox theatre in Oakland to see Lykke Li and First Aid Kit with the girls.
Amazing night!

And that vacation I was baking and cooking fervently for? DISNEYLAND! 

Everything was so magical. It was just the perfect amount of chilly wind that made you think you were walking down a little European street during Christmas time. It was pleasant.

Main Street, Disneyland.


  1. Was Lykke Li amazing??
    I've wanted to see her live for so long!

  2. Ok.. so I just went looking for your email address but can't see it? I wanted to ask if you'd guest post for me! Could you pretty please email me at lktaddeo@gmail.com?

  3. She was amazing! I took a video of the opening of the show and was going to post it, but it is kind of short and just looks like I am at a rave! lol! But she is an amazing entertainer!