Before & After

{Before & After}

This was my least favorite space in our home. It is an awkward utility room that connects the kitchen, our bedroom, and the main bathroom. Kind of like a mini-hallway.

We have like zero storage in our house, so I try to fill every corner and wall with a cute shelving unit, dresser, bookshelf or filing cabinet. 

This is all we could find for this room. An ugly table with grey padding around the legs for the previous owners, apparently clumsy, children. It was useful for holding this on it, but I hated it!
I cursed its existence every time I walked into our bedroom.

So about 3 weeks ago I started looking for a better piece to go there with more storage and a mid-century modern look to it.

Now I love our little space! It holds all of our linens, trash bags, Greg's tools and car washing stuff, plastic and paper bags for lunches, all our tupperware, and our knick knacks (matches, push pins, clothes pins, etc) that were just taking up space in a drawer in the kitchen.

The boxes on top came from the $1 bin at target and they organize the little "junk drawer" type things that would get lost in the big drawer space.

I love walking in here so much more now! Now to find a cuter basket to go on top...